SiyahKernel S2-v6.0beta5

This kernel is only for Samsung JB ROM (No ICS support anymore). Although the kernel boots CM10.1 I will not support it until I fix dualbooting.


  • thanks to mbwatson@XDA for sending me an international Samsung Galaxy S2. Although the screen is cracked it is perfectly readable and also the touchscreen digitizer is working flawlessly.
  • based on latest I9100 JB Kernel source
  • home key is fixed. now it works both in recovery as well as CM10.1 and Samsung ROMs
  • increased default gpu freqs a little bit. the lowest freq is now 108MHz.
  • updated SuperSu.
  • fixed CPU and I/O scheduler changes in STweaks not being applied after reboot.
  • possible workaround for bootloop bug.
  • added boot animation support
  • removed custom CPU steps. the kernel has 6 CPU steps now (1400, 1200, 1000, 800, 500, 200)
  • fixed stock video player
  • power saving mode is now working

TODO & Known Problems

  1. dual-boot code (both recovery and ramfs) needs to be refactored to support Samsung JB.
  2. I need to find another trick to get cam working on both Sammy and CM ROMs without losing 50MB+ RAM.
  3. cypress modifications (BLN, BLNWW, touchpad led timeout etc) should be moved to new driver source
  4. needs to be tested more



ZIP (asserts are taken from cm10.1. if you cannot install cm10.1 with the recovery you are using then you won’t be able to install the kernel using CWM-flashable zip. the asserts are there to prevent curious&dull users hard-bricking their device and it is NOT a bug)