SiyahKernel s3-v1.8.9


  • rebased on i9300 update7 sources (sudden-death issue is supposedly fixed in this source drop)
  • reverted temporary fix for exynos-mem exploit as i9300-update7 sources already fix that
  • cm10.1 is now supported in dual-boot configurations
  • 1.8.7->1.8.8: fixed cm10.1 not booting when installed as 2ndROM (a tiny typo in ramfs)
  • 1.8.8->1.8.9: fixed the problem when installing cm10.1 directly as 2ndROM. fixed bluetooth issue in cm10/cm10.1 (credits to Entropy512, just cherrypicked his commit from CM10.1 kernel repo). added profile support back to support droidphile’s STweaksProfiles app. Updated CWM-based recovery to