SiyahKernel S2-v6.0beta4


  • Merged with I9100P JB Sources
  • Tested only on i9100 jb leak LS6. Not tested on CM10, even if it boots some features (cam, for example) may be broken on cm10.
  • No dualboot support yet. I will have to update recovery to support that again, but I have no idea when I will have time for that.
  • Test it only if you are using Samsung’s leaked JB ROM or it won’t boot
  • Fixed exynos-mem exploit
  • added ROW I/O Scheduler
  • using old Wifi driver, this will probably prevent any wifi related lockups/freezes.
  • default governor: ondemand during betas, and reverted back to legacy hotplug method (pm_hotplug, as Samsung has in JB kernels). reapplied tegrak’s secondcore patches to pm_hotplug and also added governor-awareness to pm_hotplug which will prevent having two different hotplug mechainsms running simultaneously
  • beta2->beta3: video recording is fixed. fixed mdnie negative effect problem. gpu voltage initialization is fixed
  • beta3->beta4: updated wifi module (should fix random reboots that some people experience which is related with wifi). Experimental exfat support (please test and report if exfat formatted external sdcards can be used). fixed headphone amplification. (thanks to┬ályndonguti and THE RED BLUR for testing this beta)

KNOWN PROBLEMS: startup scripts are not executed. reason is unknown until I find another s2 or somebody point out my mistake. side-effects: stweak settings are not applied on boot, headphone amplification doesn’t work and some script-based optimizations are not applied hence the performance is not as high as expected. this may be fixed in beta3, or not. please report if stweaks settings (governor change for example) are applied or not.

TAR (For Odin)

ZIP (For CWM-based Recovery)