SiyahKernel S3-v1.6.8

This kernel is for JellyBean only, Samsung or CM10 (starting from RC3).

Available features:

  • charge boost (for AC: up to 1200mA, for USB: up to 900mA)
  • Auto NTFS mounting to /mnt/ntfs after attaching an NTFS formatted USB stick
  • Audio enhancements, call it scoobydoo sound, eargasm or whatever (fully functional in v1.6b3)
  • Overclocking (changes 1400 step to 1500 or 1600, available in v1.6a5)
  • Some tiny script based tweaks…
  • Undervolting support, but works with nstools only. Used Ezekeel’s customvoltage interface. it is very similar to netarchy’s UV_mV_table and you can use your existing scripts with some little modification. I have also added vdd_levels (don’t know who implemented this) and AndreiLux’s UV_uV_table interfaces but they are in /sys/class/misc/customvoltage. Lowest voltage level is 850mV until the sources are released. Disabled some logs(available in v1.6a6)
  • added lulzactiveq (not tweaked for s3 yet) and hotplug governors (v1.6a7)
  • removed the settings which are not available yet from STweaks (1.6a8)
  • mdnie sharpness tweaks from hardcore (1.6a9)
  • added kernel version to version string to let you see which SiyahKernel version you have. 4-step gpu clock settings (clock and thresholds), with 533MHz option and with some limitations because of the lack of voltage settings (v1.6beta10)
  • mDNIe sharpness tweaks made optional, in STweaks/Screen tab (v1.6beta11)
  • SIO and V/R I/O Schedulers, CIFS and NFS modules. GPU undervolting (lower limit:850mV, upper limit: 1075mV until the kernel is compiled from the sources) (v1.6beta12)
  • support for setcpu, voltagecontrol and similar apps which are using universal UV interfaces. added 1.6GHz and 1.5GHz CPU freq steps. no longer modified 1.4step for overclocking. (v1.6beta13)
  • fixed some modules not being loaded (v1.6beta14)
  • fixed vdd_levels path to fix STweaks undervolting settings not being applied , adjusted regulator limits (850mV -> 600mV), configurable touchboost freq  (v1.6beta15)
  • added gesture support,  mdnie toggle with home button,  swap & zram (v1.6rc1)
  • 5-step GPU, new frequency steps for GPU, gpu boost on touch and some other GPU related modifications/cleanup. removed zram settings from samsung’s init.rc and added it back to stweaks. (v1.6rc2)
  • mali as module (this version supports both Samsung JB and CM10 ROMs). removed swap & zram. fixed gpu clock setting problem. removed gpu boost temporarily. updated UMP driver. Added arm topology support again with cpupower driver. better loadavg calculation (thanks to AndreiLux for his merges from upstream) (v1.6rc3).
  • removed 900mV GPU voltage limit. fixed GPU voltage settings not being applied on boot. initramfs updates. fixed audio enhancements reset in some conditions. (v1.6)
  • v1.6 -> v1.6.1: reverted mtp driver to fix mtp problems on osx. removed some tweaks which were suspected to degrade performance. reniced kswapd0 to have lower priority. new wifi driver from n7105 sources.
  • v1.6.1 -> v1.6.2: cleaned ICS leftovers from ramfs. adjusted maximum GPU voltage constraint (1075mV->1400mV). increased default GPU voltages by 25mV. This version will reset all your STweaks settings to defaults. Enabled swap (still no zram).
  • v1.6.2 -> v1.6.3: change packet filter settings to block multicast (thanks to Entropy512). fixed mali UMP mistakes which might be causing problems on Samsung ROMs. Reverted mali cpu lock levels to stock.
  • v1.6.3 -> v1.6.4: new CPU steps (1700MHz & 1800MHz) (thanks to AndreiLux as I used his kernel and multipliers while making the changes). fixed mali module related problems. fixed lockup problem while charging the device when it is off. reverted most of the changes back to v1.5 state which were removed during the lag-hunting process (discrete wakelocks, gestures, voltages…etc).
  • v1.6.4 -> v1.6.5 re-adjusted regulator constraints which were lost because of the removed module. fixed touch boost setting. enabled swap.
  • v1.6.5 -> v1.6.6: changed TMU thresholds a little. fixed freq scaling stuck at some frequencies. removed cfs tweaks from stweaks. some experimental process priority modifications to have better UI experience. most of the custom modules are now linked into the kernel and not loaded as modules. lulzactiveq tweaks.
  • v1.6.6 -> v1.6.6i: one line fix for freq being stuck at 1704MHz. changed process thresholds a little.
  • v1.6.6i -> v1.6.7: removed last remaining module and linked it into the kernel (mdnie_mods). Made all mdnie variables configurable via misc device (all in /sys/class/misc/mdnie). Hardcore’s sharpness tweaks are converted into a script to use the new interface as an example.
  • v1.6.7->v1.6.8: fixed mdnie sharpness tweaks causing strange artifacts on boot animation.  removed process priority tweaks. removed some unnecessary patches. Enabled GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS in default profile (either enable yourself if you are an existing user or reset stweaks if you want it to be enabled). You will see siyahkernel logo as I made this release while working on dual booting and did not spend any time to remove those, create “.nobootlogo” file in your internal sdcard if you find it too disturbing. Fixed setcpu showing 1704 when overclocked to 1700.