SiyahKernel S2-v4.1.5


  • Linux 3.0.40  Linux 3.0.15
  • CWM-Based Touch Recovery v6.0.1.2
  • fixed led timeout not being saved
  • new GPU frequency steps: 54, 108, 133, 160, 266, 330, 400, 440, 520MHz (Removed in beta4)
  • added ntt docomo gps support again (ntt-docomo users can use their previous scripts to get gps working)
  • fixed movfilter not being changed with kmemhelper (should fix touch sensitivity problems)
  • removed 25MHz and 50MHz CPU steps
  • fixed led activity on brightness change
  • ExTweaks settings will be reset because of GPU changes.  if you revert back to a previous version make sure you reset ExTweaks settings manually.
  • update beta1 -> beta4: fixed gamma shift not working in ExTweaks. removed all gpu modifications to make sure we have no problems with other parts. some users (including me) experienced no problems with new gpu steps whereas some users had kernel panics when the screen is off. Consider v4.1beta4 as 4.0.2 with linux 3.0.40 and cwm-based recovery
  • update beta4 -> beta5: gesture support by Tungstwenty (sample flashable zip) here is the XDA thread. some minor fixes in ExTweaks. swappiness set to 90 (effective only if you are using zram or swap). removed battery and performance profile settings during the beta phase (they will be the same as default settings)
  • rc1 -> release:
    • 4 gpu steps (100,160,200,266MHz default).
    • gpu boost on touch to prevent UI lags (gpu freq will be set to step2, 160MHz in default set, for one second after you touch the screen).
    • pegasusq behavior modified and tweaked.
    • CWM-based recovery updated to
    • fixed mounting the internal sdcard in recovery. fixed user gamma settings.
    • Tested backup&restore using nandroid dedupe and tar formats (tar format may not be compatible with previous version. make sure you create new backups after you install the kernel).
    • made a small modification in init script to create “.nomedia” files in clockworkmod folders to prevent media scanning on blob folder
  • .update 4.1 -> 4.1.1: fixed the problem with external sdcard in some roms because of forgotten unmount in init script.
  • update 4.1.1 -> 4.1.2: added lulzactiveq (added hotplug logic and some fixes & tweaks, by robertobsc@XDA). fixed recovery not being usable with 3-button combo. set default backup format to tar in recovery. some other initramfs changes & fixes.
  • update 4.1.2 -> 4.1.3: decreased mali sampling interval (thanks to AndreiLux). removed zram settings from ExTweaks. some gpu boost fixes. lulzactiveq fixes. reverted some changes (mostly TMU related). chargeboost in LPM. fixed adbd problem for JB ROMs. lots of cherrypicks from cm10 kernel. initramfs fixes.
  • update 4.1.3 -> 4.1.4: fixed vibration intensity problem with samsung roms. fixed adb in recovery. compiled with linaro 4.7 (2012.08) toolchain. fixed mass storage mounting problem.
  • update 4.1.4 -> 4.1.5: fixed /mnt/ntfs directory creation problem (ntfs mounting over usb otg should be working now). lulzactiveq (and one of my mistake in lulzactive) fixes by robertobsc@XDA. enabled NFS module  (if you don’t know what it is then you don’t need it).

DOWNLOAD ZIP (for CWM Recovery)